A Spectacular Perahera of 200+ Buddha Srāwakas Dakkhineyyo

This very special meritorious event was launched upon reaching the centenary milestone of the number of monks at the monastery. This fortnightly event avails devotees the rare opportunity to offer alms to and receive blessings from a congregation of over 100 Bhikkhus and a similar number of male and female Anagarikas and children of Noble Hearts as well as Siwmaga Dhamma School. A special procession (perahera) of the Noble Triple Gem, followed by the offering of alms, and special merit transfer are highlights of this event.


"Dakkineyyo" is one of the most incredible and meritorious events hosted by The Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery. It gives our pious devotees a chance to commemorate the infinite virtues of the perfect one, who conquered all evil at the foot of the Bhodi tree, The supreme lord Buddha. To venerate the lord Buddha's unparalleled and unsurpassable great virtues and attributes, devotees offer alms to Maha Sanga, anagarika and anagarikaas of The Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery. More than fifteen hundred devotees gather to witness this blissful event organized twice a month.

According to Buddhist teachings, Generosity (Daana) is the first perfection out of ten perfections (Paaramitha) that all the Buddhas accomplish. The Buddha emphasized the value of giving on numerous occasions during his lifetime. Offering alms to monks is an integral part of the sacred Buddhist rituals, and these merits direct devotees toward the path of righteousness through noble association. Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery is a modern-day example to prove the prosperity of the Gothama Buddha Shasana.

During the decorative mid-day veneration of the magnificent one, devotees get to offer a golden eight-fold offering known as 'Atapirikara', which follows various other offerings consisting of hundred and eight elements. Devotees are provided with an invaluable opportunity to offer alms to more than a hundred virtuous disciples of the Buddha who reside at the monastery. These offerings help them accumulate five-fold rewards; Vitality, Health, Comfort, Energy, and Wisdom. 'Dhakkineyyo’ is a remarkable moment of the Gothama Buddha Shasanaya. To harvest maximum benefits, participants are offered to clean alms bowls of the monks, Anagarika, and anagarikaas providing them to acquire unfathomable and infinite merits. Devotees offer hundreds of eight-fold offerings to all the monks who participated in the alms rounds. To conclude 'Dhakkineyyo' program, the monks, Anagarika, and anagaarikaas chant 'Pirith' to spread noble love and kindness to all sentient beings.   

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