Healing Hearts & Mending Minds is at the core of everything we do

Empowering people throughout the world in the pursuit of Enlightenment through wisdom, virtue and vigour by advancing spiritual development and maximising human potential for the benefit of mankind. This is our purpose, the reason we exist.

Though one should live a hundred years foolish and uncontrolled, yet better is life for a single day lived moral and wise.



There is no better medicine to heal an ailing mind than the pristine teachings of the Perfectly Enlightened One. There is no better good that can be done by man than to dispense His teachings out of compassion.

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Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery

Welcome to paradise on Earth.

Path of ordination

Many who diligently practice the Dhamma eventually become convinced that Noble Livelihood is indeed the most fruitful path to one’s liberation. Once they have made this choice voluntarily, we offer them the opportunity to embrace the livelihood of a male or female Anagarika.

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Help us Help You

Help us Help You

As we usher in the new year, let us take a moment to reflect on the past year, and some of the things that we have...

Katina Ceremony

2023 Katina Ceremony was held on 18th November at Jethavanarama Vihara.

Assistant High Commissioner of India

Recently, we were honoured to have the  Assistant High Commissioner of India grace our monastery with her presence. ...