Life at The Monastery

Life of a monk


The life of a monk can be perceived as challenging yet infinitely rewarding to those who engage diligently in the monastic practice. Monks typically devote their lives to pursuing spiritual growth, often through meditation, study, and service to others. Their main duty is to first and foremost realise for themselves and then preserve and disseminate the Buddhist philosophy for the benefit of all sentient beings. They live a simple and disciplined life, free from many distractions and temptations of the outside world. 

Monks follow a regimented daily routine, which includes waking up early to discuss the doctrine between themselves to ensure their practice is regularly “calibrated” in consultation with their teachers, participating in Buddha Pooja, meditating, studying Buddhist scriptures, and performing other daily tasks. They also provide an immense service to the local community by conducting sermons and offering counselling services to guide individuals seeking spiritual support and guidance. Despite the challenges, many monks find that the simplicity and focus of their lifestyle bring them a sense of peace and fulfilment that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Life of an Anagarika

The life of an Anagarika can be seen as a transitional stage between lay life and the holy life of a Bhikkhu. Anagarikas have taken a vow to live a simple Brahmacari life and follow the Noble path but have not yet taken full ordination as a monk.

Anagarikas often wear traditional white attire and live in the monastery under the constant care and guidance of the Maha Sangha. They participate in daily activities alongside the monastic community, such as learning the doctrine, meditation, chanting, and work essential to the smooth operation of the monastery. They also teach and study in the international school affiliated with the monastery and engage in service to others. Selected few are given the opportunity to impart their wisdom by offering Buddhist counselling services to the lay community.

For many Anagarikas, this stage is a time of preparation and reflection before fully committing to the monastic lifestyle.


Life of an Anagarikā


Breaking free from all types of conventional images and stereotypes associated with a woman, an Anagarikaa is a female individual who has taken a vow to live a simple life and follow the path of Buddhism but has not yet taken full ordination as a nun. 

Anagarikaas often wear white or light-coloured attire and live in an off-site building near by the monastery. They commute to the monastery every morning to participate in daily activities alongside the monastic community, such as meditation, participating in Buddha Pooja, chanting, and studying Buddhist teachings. They offer invaluable service to the female demographic by offering advice on various psychological matters such as depression, addictions, and family matters, to name a few.

It can be a challenging but eternally rewarding experience as they learn to let go of worldly attachments and focus on spiritual growth.